The Hague Peace Projects Urgently Calls for Action to Stop Slavery in Libya

On December 2, 2017 The Hague Peace Projects brought together a group of stakeholders of African origin living in the Netherlands. They discussed ways to respond as European citizens toward the atrocities committed against Sub-Sahara migrants in Lybia. Recent reports by CNN and the UN have shown that hundreds of thousands of them who are on their way to Europe, end up in fact being severely mistreated, put under inhuman conditions in overcrowding camps and even sold as slaves.

“We cannot accept these barbaric practices happening on our own borders as simply a ‘price to pay’ in order to keep the European borders sealed against irregular migration. Urgent solutions need be realized in order to stop slavery and other crimes committed against sub-Sahara migrants in Libya,” summarized Jakob de Jonge the director of the Hague Peace Projects.

“By closing borders, many young, ambitious but desperate people are unnecessarily dying and being exploited shamelessly. The international response is almost indifferent, very slow and lacks long-term vision. Politicians only seem concerned with keeping migrants outside of Europe.  Instead the EU should address this urgent situation in a quick and humane manner.” Antoinette Mutesa – Women’s Initiative Network.

The Hague Peace Projects together with  Dutch-African Diaspora organisations:

  • Condemn the barbaric acts of Slavery and other crimes against the sub-Saharan African people situated in Libya.
  • Urgently remind the international community that the widespread and systematic attack on people from south of the Sahara and their deliberate subjection into slavery in Lybia amount to crimes against humanity.
  • Appeal to the international community to address and help solve the root cause of migration in a sustainable and humane manner. The root causes being amongst others:  war, poverty, global economic inequality, exploitation and dictatorships.
  • Emphasize the urgency to take action that will ensure that all persons affected are attended to in a humane manner with respect to their rights and dignity, without an exclusive focus on ‘return’.
  • Are committed to joining efforts and call upon all other organizations and initiatives to rally behind this call to urgent action.



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