The Hague Peace Projects has three programs in which it develops a wide range of different projects:  the Research and Action program, the Art and Education program and the Media and Journalism program:

1. Research and Action

Within the research an action program, The Hague Peace Projects focuses in-depth on certain armed conflicts. By doing research, creating networks and cooperating with diaspora groups from the conflict-region and establishing direct contact with local journalists and activists The Hague Peace Projects makes timely and relevant analyses of conflicts. After verifying the most relevant facts about root causes of conflict The Hague Peace Projects establishes a point of view and proposes recommendations to the main actors involved in the conflict. Further activities include doing advocacy on diffferent levels of government, raising awareness through media and social events, organizing conferences and facilitating dialogue and other peace-promoting initiatives. Currenly within this program we mainly focus on the conflict in the Great Lakes Region in Africa (Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and DR Congo) and the Turkish-Kurdish conflict. The Great Lake project aims to empower the diaspora groups from the region living in Europe and is working on the establishment of a radio station in Goma: Radio Voix des Grands Lacs. The Turkish-Kurdish project facilitates dialogue among diaspora groups from the zones of conflict in order to find a common ground of discussion.

2. Art and Education
The Hague Peace Projects strongly believes in the power of art as a catalyser of positive change. Art, as a process of creating new images and ideas, provides space of reflection on our world. Not only does art function as a mirror, reflecting what is really going on, it also can depict and propose alternatives to the current situation. Therefore The Hague Peace Projects is organizing exhibitions, debates, artistic and cultural activities to engage and inspire a larger public to work for peace. One of the projects is a series of public meetings in The Hague between artists and activists under the name: “The Fine Art of Peacemaking”. Also The Hague Peace Projects, together with the Alfrink College in Zoetermeer, is working on a documentary comparing the lives of young people in eastern Congo with the life of young people in the Netherlands.

Besides art projects The Hague Peace Projects is developing courses on peace-building that will be offered to schools. In the current school curriculum, very little attention is paid to conflict studies, explaining why and how conflicts arise and what the public might do to prevent or solve armed conflict. The Hague Peace Projects thinks it is very important to convince people at an early age that war is never inevitable, and that people are very capable of living peacefully together.

3. Media and Journalism
During the coming years, The Hague Peace Projects will develop its Media and Journalism program. Goal of this program is to create a news-website and online platform that will provide all relevant news and backgrounds on conflicts around the globe. By engaging research-journalists, conflict analysts and peace-activists from conflict areas we aim to give the most relevant fact and backgrounds about wars worldwide in a easy to understand manner. At the same time this website will generate ideas and discussion on how to engage as an ordinary citizen and become relevant as an actor of peace.

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